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Show Business
The Business

As artists, our primary focus is to work on our "craft", and sometimes we feel immense pressure when trying to navigate the business of entertainment.

I will help you get through and understand the business: targeting the right agent, manager, casting directors, solidifying your materials (reels, headshots), and even help budget your time and finances.

Scene Study
Scene Study

It all starts on the page. As actors, our part is to bring those words to life, with the caveat of mixing what the character and story points are with our life's experience.

Sometimes we are overwhelemed when it comes to scene study. How do we separate the story arc, from the character arc, and what are the beats? Let me help you.

On Camera Technique
On-Camera Technique

To me, on-Camera technique is like an intimate dance we have with the camera while including our scene partners.

I've studied in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Vancouver and it has always been a challenge finding a great on-camera course/coach. I will share all the tips and tricks I've learned throughout the past 15+ years.

Private Coaching

I love working the craft; character work and breaking down scenes. I also love helping people.

Sometimes, all we need is another set of eyes, with a different life experience, to help guide us to achieve the best possible version of our choices.

Coaching will be available soon.


Dylan Ramsey was born in Prague Czech Republic to a Polish Jewish mother and an Egyptian Muslim father. He was raised in Toronto Ontario, Canada and educated in New York at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Dylan has been described as a walking melting pot of characters for stage and screen. Assuming roles as varied as his background, he has made his mark with his iconoclastic compelling character shadings in performances ranging from the relentless torturous special forces soldier, Rashi Al-Sabi on FOX's 24:Legacy to a wise-cracking vulnerable male cross-dressing prostitute, with a sensitivity that gives life to the role, Ginger, in HBO's Donny & Ginger.